29 September 2012

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A bad start today. While preparing me for the carers to get me up, shower and dress me etc, I choked on some tea and for a few seconds it seemed touch and go.’ My lovely’, who was the only one with me, at the time, thumped me hard on my back and cleared it, just-in-time. This is exactly an example of the problems I was speaking about a few days ago. Now I have vowed not to drink unless there is another person present.

I spent the first couple of hours or so in the morning getting Dragon up and running. It was only when Paul came round after lunch that we were able to test out this new version. It is hard to identify any obvious improvements between this version and the previous one. I think it would take a week or two before we are in a position to pronounce on any improvements.

I have told the readers of the 15 minutes or so that’ my lovely’ reads to me while some having my breakfast. We decided we would start by re-reading the first of two books written by my son about his mother’s family, A Perfect Patriarch have and
now embarked on reading the second book Old Blood of Merioneth. (should you wish to know more about either book and their content and if and how you can purchase a copy click here and it should take you straight to the purchase form)

In this latter book, Miles traces ‘the two families-the Nanney- Wynn’s and the Kirkbys-that are the predominant subject of this study, both trace their origins to the late Dark and early Middle Ages and both descend from territorial magnets-one royal and one deriving power and wealth from military prowess.’ In this latter book Miles in describing the origin of these two families talks of them at their zenith owning 16,000 acres of land, mainly in Merioneth, to today when we only have a tenuous link through and possibly ‘my lovely’s cottage and 6 acres of land. The sale of Llanfendigaid , and the remaining 224 acres having taken place following the publication of this book.

It is with great sadness that I rip port on this sale which all but extinguishes is long and noble connection to Merioneth. As will be seen from my son’s book’ the Wynns of Maesyneuadd were descended from Osborne Fitzgerald or “Wydell”, Lord of Ynysmaengwyn, near Tywyn, who played a part in Llewellyn the Great’ s war against the English in the 13th century. The early possessions of the family, the great estates around Glyn and Corsgedol remained in the senior line which in the male line was unbroken for over five centuries. By the early 18th century, when the union with the Nanney family was formalised, the cadet line had been in possession of the estate at Maesyneuad for some 200 years.’

The Nanneys, who took their name from their ancient home at Nannau, descended directly from Cadwgan, Lord of Nannau, younger son of the King of Powys. After c. 1670, once again the junior line concerns us and by this time, as will be seen. The family had possession of the estates of Llanfendigaid and Maesyneuadd. In the early 18th century, the Wynn heir married the Nanney heiress uniting in their her .both their estates and their names.

This happy state of affairs was to continue until the early years of the last century when economic pressures, combined with some personal failings in the family, forced sales of land on a large scale, and with little apparent profit.

There seems little point in reciting further from this book but this snippet will be sufficient for those interested in the great Welsh families, who would like to read more, having access to 2 short books which summarise, succinctly, the beginning of my wife’s family and those formed typically around the same time.


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