4 October 2012

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4 October 2012

And so the day after.

I had a good night’s sleep and we have slightly changed the routine. Instead of me being dragged to a sitting up position on the edge of the bed, at around 6.00 a.m., I now get an extra hour in bed. Over the last two mornings I have had a bed bath before being wheeled into my study where I have my breakfast and deal with the other matters, such as shaving.

I left the readers yesterday with a promise that I would reproduce for them today the note that the good Dr Michael left for them concerning the nightmare visit to Papworth. Michael is extremely considerate and deals with all of my team, be it a humble carer or senior consultant. It was his idea to add a note to Miles and Chloe as he realised they might be getting a little worried. So here is the note.


Miles and Choe,

    Just to bring you up to date with our activities yesterday at Papworth. A difficult though useful day.He is going to need the respirator more frequently by day. Also the time is approaching whereby someone other than Alice can be constantly about, to begin with in the morning and then perhaps the afternoon as well. I have been caring for him today and he kept me constantly on the go. The respirator and nose mask works well by day when required and the full face mask at night.

Michael will continue to keep in touch with Dr Michael Davies at Papworth whom I am. I assured find his intervention extremely helpful.

His outlook of course is poor but it is difficult to be precise. Certainly he is more frail than a few weeks back. He understands all this and his present aim is Christmas and then after that the March wedding anniversary.

This is the note I sent him thinking it might save him from doing the blog for that day. I will talk to Dr Michael Davis about progress (and there has been some progress in that I am sure his blood gases will be much improved) before I leave London for Melbourne 1030PM tomorrow, Friday night.

Back about Christmas but if Alice desperate I could find a week before then to come and continue my present role.

 Love to you both,

Mick XX

So you can see how very fortunate I have been that Michael was here and able to take an active role, both at Papworth and with the subsequent problems and home. I suppose that’s what almost 60 years of friendship is all about. The good Dr Michael heads to Australia tomorrow with a promise of another visit if it is necessary as can be arranged to suit his busy schedule.


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