10 October 2012

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Smiler left mid-morning after giving me a shave (a first for him) but an operation we still have to work into our daily routine. He confided in me, from the sanctity of the barber’s chair, that he had been advised not to go on holiday in April as my condition was worsening and his informant feared for the worst. Well, here we are seven months later and still going strong. It just goes to show that even the most well-informed only have a vague idea about the progress of the disease

Craig and Paul P turned up to get me out of bed, dress me etc. They make a fine team finishing the whole process within the hour. Craig told me that they had a special meeting in Ross nursing offices yesterday where it was agreed that he and Paula P would be our primary carers backed up by Carla. In other words wherever possible a combination of these three carers will be selected to deal with the for visits from Ross nursing.

This suits us to a tea. Apparently, Harriet has also undertaken to approach social services with a view to getting a little more time. I told Craig that Dr West was also on the case and that she should liaise with Harriet as we do not want to find ourselves on the wrong end of a decision as a result of putting pressure on the social services.

In the post this morning came two sets of DVDs, one covering the whole of John Galsworthy’s Forsyth Saga and the other CS Forester’s Hornblower. These came as a belated birthday present from Chloe and family and work in lieu of book tokens which somehow I never managed to use. Anyway a lovely gift from which I will get a great deal of pleasure.

I chased my publishers this morning concerning the process of updating the third edition of my book Cato on Arbitration-Interlocutory and Hearing Problems. The update is now running almost 2 years out of time. This is due to the heavy workload that my friend, Dr Julian Critchlow, is dealing with. Whenever I approach on the subject he assures me that he will be taking some time off to deal with it and has planned how he will complete his part of the task but, in the event, with the best will in the world, he always seems to fail. I had made it clear that it would give me a great deal of pleasure to see this Fourth Edition published, before I go but even this tug at his heartstrings had not been converted into action. I shall have to try again.

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