11 October 2012

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Craig and Paula P came on the second of the new regime and like the first morning call it went like clockwork and was accomplished in 55 minutes. I was pleased to be able to hand over an envelope containing cheques etc which I believe added up to something in the order of £200. Although there are still amounts coming in we know that we have well exceeded the target of £2000. The time we finish I believe it will be nearer £3000. An excellent outcome from these three young people setting a good example to others like themselves that life is not all about taking, whenever possible one should take the opportunity of giving something back.

I did manage to speak to Julian about his part in updating my book (see yesterday’s entry). His big arbitration, which has been running over two years is now completed and, fully understanding my situation, he has promised to try to complete his work on this book by Christmas. We will see!

Smiler, sent to me this day, details of an Aston Martin sale on the 31st of this month. In it was a photograph of what the auctioneer described as a 1967 shooting brake. The estimated auction price being between £325,000 – £375,000. My Aston Martin, which I would have called an estate, and which I was forced to sell (£3750) by the Administrator in 1972, was practically identical except for a small feature at the back. Click here for a copy of the sale details.

This was in my property development days when I owned and ran a series of property under the umbrella the Nationwide Property Holdings which were put into administration by Cork Gully in 1972.

I should quickly add that any loans to businesses in those days could be demanded back on 24 hours notice, if you failed, then the lender could go to the court and ask for the business to be put into administration, which, in effect and gave complete control to the administrator appointed by the lender. Once that happens the administrator, answerable to no one except the lending company who employ him, could virtually force the borrower to sell anything owned by the company which the administrator thought was a reasonable price. Thus the sale of my beautiful Aston Martin – as I understood it, only one of 11 made – for £3750.

As they say’ you win some, you and lose some’

Today turned out to be extremely busy. The procession of different people started at 11.00 a.m. Firstly the county dental service who will come on request or regular visits to check up on teeth and provide a general hygienist service. Of coarse, there is a limit to what they can do, no x-rays for example, for my purpose they are certainly adequate. At 12 o’clock, Sarah, one of the Ben Nevis team, made her duty call. Then after a quick lunch Edward Oliver, my kind retired accountant, dropped in, to tidy up my tax return for last year and then, thank heavens, I had a free afternoon. I forced myself to put on the respirator for half an hour (not the two hours suggested by the Papworth consultant) and after that I had a short free time to read, watch a movie etc. However not exactly what the Papworth consultant would have called taking it easy

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