20 October 2012

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A quiet weekend, no pressure. A chance for me to find something on TV that will allow ‘my lovely’ to catch up on some of her missed sleep.

My first day on Beta blockers so I was quite anxious to see if any of the range of adverse side effects afflicted me or whether the Beta blocker would quietly blend in with all the other pills I have to take, this one for heart and breathing, both of which, could take all the help that is offered.,

Spoke to Richard (Marsh) last evening to find that he had suffered a minor setback with his heart. We are extremely lucky at having my very old friends, John and Anne (Prytz) who live relatively close by and have been calling in daily to keep an eye on them both. We are extremely grateful to them. They could not be any kinder if my mother and Richard were their own kith and kin. With both of them in their mid 90s, for every day that goes by without mishap, we give thanks. I feel so helpless myself. Instead of being a rock on which my mother and Richard can rely, it has turned into a question of which of us goes first. We really must sit down and discuss, with Richard, the various probable scenarios so that at least we know we are following their wishes.

One important issue upon which I have touched with both Chloe and Miles, is their quality of life in 20 or 30 years time. In a relatively short timescale this country will have more Muslims than indigenous’ Christians’. The point being that the Muslims seem to favour large families whereas the non-Muslims either have no children at all, or will restrict themselves to 2, hopefully one boy and one girl. It is not hard to see that the time is not off when the number of Muslims will exceed the non-Muslims. There was a classic illustration of this in the tragic case of the Muslim family caught up in a house fire yesterday. The mother and four the children perished in the flames leaving one badly burned child and the father. Subsequently, the poor little child succumbed and died leaving only the badly injured father. So far as the child was concerned , one cannot but think it was probably a mixed blessing. Having lost her mother and all her siblings and to cope with that on top of the many operations that would be required to restore some of the areas of her body to as near as normality as possible, frankly, one could not help feeling she was better off having joined her siblings. The poor house farther still has to face the agony associated with the loss of his family as well as probably years of remedial operations.

The point I set out to make, however, was illustrated by the size of this family-five children. There was a time when five children would not seem excessive. I think Queen Victoria had nine. Certainly in my own family. some of the great aunts and uncles. had children running into double figures. Given the present situation, then it can only be a matter of time when the Muslims outnumber the non-Muslims and the indigenous population of this island falls into a minority. What then will we do about this and how can we preserve our culture and traditions. It is no good waiting until the day dawns when this problem is upon us, but some sort of planning ahead is necessary to salvage what we have and what have are from this prophesied state of affairs.  So Click here to illustrate the point.

It is all very well, the Prime Minister, declaring to the world that we are a multicultural society, which sounds idyllic but when the chips are down it becomes a battle between the Muslims and non-Muslims. This is a problem to be faced, and worked out by my grandchildren’s generation, but, in the meantime, we should also be making whatever preparations may safeguard our way of life, so that the indigenous population, their culture and traditions do not get swept away.

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