Christmas Day 2009

Posted by DMC on 25 December 2009 in Diary |

The family arrived in time for tea mid-afternoon. There was still enough snow covering the ground and the thatch to lend some Christmas enchantment. The little ones, and granddaughter Lara, almost 5 years old, particularly being a little overexcited about the prospects of the day to come. Last year both Lara, and brother Sebastion, then 7 […]

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Christmas Eve 2009

Posted by DMC on 24 December 2009 in Diary |

Sadly, a thaw has set in and much of the snow is disappearing fast from the garden. I had hoped it would remain long enough for the children to revel in it and perhaps make a snowman. The paddock still has a fair covering and snow is forecast for tonight, so who knows we might […]

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