22 February 2008

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My day did not start on a high note when I received a telephone call from BUPA saying that as I had been diagnosed with a chronic terminal condition I was no longer covered by my medical insurance. That in itself was something of a shock. The explanation they gave was that they could not afford to cover chronic conditions but only things that could be treated. As there was no treatment or cure for MND, that was that. However, as they accepted that I had had a less than satisfactory BUPA check up they agreed that they would cover me for consultations and treatment for the first three months, after that I would be thrown onto the NHS.

This at least meant they were prepared to cover the cost of the first fortnight’s tablets at £363.

I telephoned Professor Nigel Leigh and he kindly agreed to see me in early April on my return from Australia.

Now I could concentrate on thinking about my Australian trip starting next Thursday.


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