24 February 2008

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A beautiful spring day, I played golf in the annual geriatric match over 65’s against the under 65’s. We had a usual problem of finding enough members to play in the under 65’s team.

Unfortunately I was unable to continue past the 15th hole. I had the most excruciatingly burning pain in my groin, in the same place as before, under the scar tissue from the artificial urinary sphincter operation. I’d had mild burning attacks before but this was unbelievable. What was rather distressing was that I had been signed off by a general surgeon, barely a week ago, who inspected this site and dismissed the idea of a hernia, followed by the neurologist who also examined me and found nothing untoward. This was followed by the radiologist who carried out the ultrasound who also said he could find nothing amiss. This made the whole thing more of a mystery and not a little worrying as I had no intention of delaying my departure to Australia.

I telephoned my old urologist who had carried out my radical prostatectomy, in 2000. It seems that he had come across this problem before – something to do with a trapped nerve end – and he kindly prescribed some pills over the telephone. I shall take them with me to Australia and pray that they work. In any event, there is always my host surgeon Michael, if there’s any cutting to be done!


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