6 March 2009

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Returned home today having had a great time. I managed, just, with Michael’s help and some understanding stewards on the aircraft.

Apart from resigning from the golf club I have also resigned from my last arbitration. It was a very heavy case and likely to go on for some months. Being unable to write legibly, without great effort, I could see no way that I could run a hearing with two heavyweight lawyers appearing before me. It’s not so much a question of giving up as readjusting. I am, after all, approaching 75 so I suppose that it is no shame to want to take things a little easier. As President of the Arbitration Club I shall continue to attend lunches in London as long as I am able to adjust my dress after going to the lavatory. I’ve had 40 pairs of trousers fitted with Velcro, instead of buttons and clips, and fitted my zips with key rings.

At least, to date, despite continuing violent fasciculations, my legs are still working perfectly well and I’m able to walk several miles at a time. I am now well over a year since diagnosis so it doesn’t look as though I’m going to expire in the average 14 month timescale.

(Indeed, one doctor said that fasciculations were observed in a medical check-up as far back as 2005, so it may well be that I am already some years into the disease although it did not manifest itself until 12 months ago.) Anyway, I was told that one in 10 MND sufferers can live for 10 years, so I told the doctors I would take that option! So we will see.

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