A Special Entry – The Great London Swim

Posted by DMC on 3 July 2010 in Diary |

This is a one off special entry, as you can see relating to The Great London Swim, in which hundreds of generous young people will be swimming for various charities. The event is taking place in the Royal Docks on 3 July. Some members of The Arbitration Club, and other friends have very generously agreed […]

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7 April 2010

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London today, for a committee meeting of The Arbitration Club. Basically to discuss the setting up of an educational trust fund to visit China and to determine who will succeed me  to deliver the annual lectures at the Faculty of Law, CUPL Beijing. No final resolution of either was achieved at a meeting but the […]



9 March 2010

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I made it today to the March meeting of the Mother Club of the The Arbitration Club. Fortunately they meet at Herbert Smith’s offices, at the back of Liverpool Street Station, so the distance from the train to the office is not too great. One of our vice president, John Rushton, kindly met me on […]

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2 March 2010

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I went to London today to the Law Courts Branch Meeting of the Arbitration Club. One of our members, Keith Kirkwood, very kindly met me at Bishop’s Stortford Railway Station and taxied me from Liverpool Street station to the venue and back. It was very kind of him. I discovered something entirely new today. I […]

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16 February 2010

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Today was a red letter day for the blog when the number of hits exceeded 200,000. It is now running in excess of 1000 hits a day, something in the order of 30 to 40,000 hits a month, so presumably someone, somewhere is gaining some comfort or benefit from it which, as I have explained […]

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19 January 2010

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I caught the train to London today for the first of this year’s meetings of the Kings College branch of the Arbitration Club. Fortunately, like the Mother Club the meetings are held, at a solicitor’s office,  just behind Liverpool Street Station, so  the journey was not too exhausting.



19 November 2009

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My lovely and I attended the annual dinner of the Society of Construction Arbitrators to which I was invited as a guest, no doubt, by the president, John Tackaberry QC, who is the vice president the Arbitration Club.  The dinner was held in the Armourers Hall, in the City – what an amazing setting.  A […]



China and Thailand

Posted by DMC on 8 November 2009 in Anecdotes |

20 October 2009 Not a very auspicious start to our journey when the limousine driver couldn’t find the house. However, having persuaded Emirates to pick us up at six o’clock rather than 7.15, in the event, this did not turn out to be a disaster. I cannot imagine how, or why Emirates would have suggested […]

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21 September 2009

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The City Branch of the Arbitration Club lunch today. This one at the offices of Clifford Chance’s in Bishopsgate, so not too far to travel from Liverpool Street Station. Although I enjoy these lunches I am not sorry that this present round is coming to an end as they are not doing much good to […]

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17 September 2009

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Back to London today for the City Branch lunch of the Arbitration Club, at Clifford Chance’s office in Canary Wharf -a bit of a drag.  I overcame the eating problem by asking for 2 large up-turned basins, each covered with a napkin, on which I rested my right arm and my wine glass.  A temporary […]

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