25 March 2009

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I had a ‘remote assist’ call today with Abilitynet, the computer assistance arm of the MND Association. The senior assessor, who made the call, was extremely helpful and will be sending me some aids to improve my use of voice activation. She is now ‘on the case’ and as my hands grow weaker will provide all the assistance I need so that I can continue to work.

I should also mention that I received a call from Steve White, an MND sufferer himself and regional organizer on the charity side. The MND Association are very good about checking up, on a regular basis, with their members, just in case there is something with which they need assistance. I’m very grateful.

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  • Kaila Bostock says:

    Hi Mark,

    i know this is supposed to be a comment, but i couldnt find another way to contact you. I was referred to your blog by a Miss Katie Collins, as my father had MND. He passed just over a month ago, battled with it for 5 years. I am currently on the journey to editing my own book, a book/ collection of writings of the experiences of many different people effected by MND, (i.e. carers, family, friends and patients) my goal is to spread awareness and help those who cannot access adequate information about the disease. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to perhaps have you contribute your story, or even just discuss your experience with me.

    i very much look forward to your reply
    Kidest Regards
    Kaila Bostock

    • DMC says:

      Thanks, Kaila. Spreading awareness of MND is an excellent objective and of course I will do anything I can to assist you. May I suggest you give me a ring and I have e-mailed you my telephone number.


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