4 January 2010

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We are in the coldest winter spell for over a decade, possibly longer. Having said that the sparkling frosty landscape is set off by absolutely beautiful blue skies, more  reminiscent of Switzerland than grey dreariness are a typical English winter’s day. In the second test match against South Africa, England had a great start with […]

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28 March 2009

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Three useful gadgets arrived today on permanent learn from AbilityNet. A carrot shaped vertical lever mouse with a left kick button on the top. Pretty easy to use and certainly easier than my built-in laptop mouse. There also appears to be a foot controlled version with which I’ve yet to get to grips. They also […]

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25 March 2009

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I had a ‘remote assist’ call today with Abilitynet, the computer assistance arm of the MND Association. The senior assessor, who made the call, was extremely helpful and will be sending me some aids to improve my use of voice activation. She is now ‘on the case’ and as my hands grow weaker will provide […]

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