28 March 2009

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Three useful gadgets arrived today on permanent learn from AbilityNet. A carrot shaped vertical lever mouse with a left kick button on the top. Pretty easy to use and certainly easier than my built-in laptop mouse.

There also appears to be a foot controlled version with which I’ve yet to get to grips. They also sent me a nice web cam which will, no doubt, make it easier for my ‘remote assist’ video conferences. All very generous of the MND Association. They have also promised – but yet to arrive – an e-book. I believe it initially contains 160 classics or most popular novels.

I’m getting really excited about that because I’m finding it more difficult to hold books and turned over the pages, which makes what should be the joy of reading irksome.

A good thing to come out of the ‘remote assist’ conference with AbilityNet was the encouragement and assistance given to me in utilizing my voice activation programme (Dragon) more effectively. Over the years I’ve been quite lazy in combining manual with voice activation. Now I must train myself to do as much as possible and, in the end, everything by voice.

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