28 April 2009

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Walked around golf club again today. I drive myself to my friend’s house, 3 or 4 miles away and he takes me to the club from there. I can manage to steer the car quite safely as I can still care of my fingers around the steering wheel and a car, being automatic, I then need to worry about changing gear. I do have a little trouble knocking the seat belt although usually somebody is on hand to push it in for me. I did have trouble the other day when the steering wheel locked and I had to call on a passer-by to come and wiggle the ignition key about for me. I don’t think I could manage to drive any great distance. The DVLA already hold my license, aware that in foreseeable future I will be banned from driving altogether.

I managed 15 holes and then felt a bit tired. One of the doctor members very kindly gave me some powder which he says has helped his wife enormously. She has had MS for the last seven years. He also has a niece with a muscle wastage complaint who is also taken the same powder. Its trade name is Ambrotose and it is described on the jar as an immune support formula. It is a Food Supplement containing Plant Polysaccharides.

The ingredients are listed as: arabingelactan; aloe vera inner leaf gel powder; rice starch; gum ghatti; tagacanth; vegetarian glucosamine hydrochloride; vegetarian algie extract powder. Whether it will do any good or not remains to be seen but my friend is convinced it will slow things down. What it costs I have no idea but I’m pretty sure there’s no way I will get it on the NHS. I will try it for a month or so and then decide whether to continue with it.

This might be rather a good moment to list the other things I take on a daily basis apart from the Rilutek.

I start the day off with a Berocco drink. Berocca is described as Tailored vitamins and essential minerals for hectic lifestyles I have been taking this for around 18 months. It is basically a high dose formulation of B & C vitamins plus other essential minerals. In a nutshell it provides between 70 and 80% of one’s recommended daily dose of vitamin B12, vitamin C: Thiamin; Riboflavin and a few other essential minerals. Does it give me that ‘get up and go’ oomph, perhaps? I would have to stop for a while to find out, but why bother. At least I’m certain it is doing me no harm.

Pills include Nifedipine for Raynauds syndrome; quinine tablets, recently prescribed by the MND doctor to prevent cramp; a large cod liver oil and garlic capsule, to ward off colds and a .75 m.g. daily aspirin, as recommended by my Australian doctor, to ward off heart attacks. Having listed this lot out it makes me sound like a hypochondriac, which I’m certainly not.

On the way home from the golf course I called in at my bank and added Alice as a signatory to my accounts as I’m finding it difficult to write and therefore difficult to sign my own name. I’m sure after 46 years of marriage I can trust her not to raid my account!!

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