4 September 2009

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Today a courier arrived with an oximeter for me to use in preparation for my visit to Papworth Hospital next Monday. I believe that they are testing for any possible weakening in my diaphragm which will ultimately affect my breathing. All I have to do is to wear a clip,  overnight, on my forefinger, attached […]

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28 April 2009

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Walked around golf club again today. I drive myself to my friend’s house, 3 or 4 miles away and he takes me to the club from there. I can manage to steer the car quite safely as I can still care of my fingers around the steering wheel and a car, being automatic, I then […]

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26 March 2009

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I had my quarterly assessment with Dr. Allen and his charming support nurse, Joanna Sassons at Addenbrookes today. I asked the doctor to take an educated guess as to when I’m likely to lose the use of my hands completely. He thought perhaps six months for the left-hand, and shortly after that the right-hand.. I […]

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21 May 2008

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I had my first consultation today with the Cambridge MND support unit. A nice Dr. Chris Allen, heads up the unit with a charming and helpful support nurse co-ordinator, Joanna. Dr Allen noted the increasing weakness in my hands and arms but observed no sensory symptoms or problems with speech or swallowing. He did however […]



21 February 2008

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No breakfast and gallons of water later I was sent for an abdominal ultrasound scan and some liver tests. Following the test I understood from the radiologist that there did not appear to be anything abnormal, at least not with the liver. Between the early-morning tests and the evening consultation with the neurologist I went […]


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