13 May 2009

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I noticed yesterday, when I was tidying up before dinner, that I could only just get my right hand up to push back the hair over my ear. This is new and I just wonder how aggressive is the deterioration in my arms.

I started the day, as I have done for very many years, doing my morning exercises. These started when I’ve suffered badly from trapped nerves in the lumbar region of my spinal core (lower back pain). More recently, following the cancer operation, I added the pelvic floor exercises which have become more imperative since I knocked out the AUS. For details on these exercises, basically designed for back pain sufferers, download this file in pdf format – I have not included details all the pelvic floor exercises – mainly of interest to incontinence sufferers – but will happily pass these to anyone who would like them. The reason for mentioning this now, was not to prove what a great guy I am doing exercise daily, but to point out that exercise 13 is becoming progressively more difficult. I suspect it will not be too long before I am unable to raise my arms above the floor.

My great excitement today was having my toenails cut out at the local community hospital. There is no way I could do this myself now, and my dear wife, who is 70 next week, cannot manage either. This is a free NHS service for the ancient and elderly like me.

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