13 March 2010

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I must say the daily hand massage in order to reduce the fluid, and the arms stretching, certainly seems to be doing some good. I have even introduced a new bed exercise of raising each arm in turn towards the ceiling and circling clockwise and anticlockwise ten times and then repeated a further 10 times. […]

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4 March 2010

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As I said about, yesterday, a very pleasant young man, Duncan Johnson came to see. Having seen my blog, he decided he would like to include a profile of him a future copy of the Journal. I suppose as much as anything what I have done over that time may be of passing interest to […]

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4 September 2009

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Today a courier arrived with an oximeter for me to use in preparation for my visit to Papworth Hospital next Monday. I believe that they are testing for any possible weakening in my diaphragm which will ultimately affect my breathing. All I have to do is to wear a clip,  overnight, on my forefinger, attached […]

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13 May 2009

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I noticed yesterday, when I was tidying up before dinner, that I could only just get my right hand up to push back the hair over my ear. This is new and I just wonder how aggressive is the deterioration in my arms. I started the day, as I have done for very many years, […]

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