26 May 2009

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Geriatric golf day at Worthington. Due to the inclement weather few turned up but I did brave the rain and walked round 15 holes and enjoyed the OAP lunch with my old golfing mates after having given them much gratuitous advice during the round!

Richard Bamford had his beautiful black lab with him and I must say it made my heart ache for the loss of my own old lab., Woody. My lovely wife says that I may have another dog when I finally swear I have given up international travel (am I not there already?). I suspect it will be some tiny terrier as opposed to a lolloping lab but any dog would be better than none.

I must say there are all very good in helping me with my shoes, tie etc. and chopping up my food. Most all of them have had small children at some time or other and are used to that sort of thing. Legs still working O.K. I had intended to make this the unveiling of the kilt but decided that it was a bit chilly and breezy and would leave it for a warmer day. Perhaps next Tuesday.

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