5 November 2009

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After a good  night’s sleep, Mick and  I spent the day in my office beginning to catch up with more e-mails,  thank you e-mails to all those wonderful people who had been so kind to us on our visit etc. neither of us being prepared to recognise that there is anything approaching jet lag.  However […]

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12 October 2009

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Gavin from Able2 – such a kind helpful young man – called in today to adjust the articulated arm support which I use when I’m eating. It elevates my hand to my mouth which makes the whole process of eating less stressful. This arm support is, of course, an alternative to my own feeding frame. […]

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25 June 2009

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I am due to have my quarterly MND assessment on 2 July when I will finally be able to make up my mind whether I am likely to be fit enough to go to China and give my lectures in October. It all depends how much further my hands and arms weaken in the meantime. […]

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26 May 2009

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Geriatric golf day at Worthington. Due to the inclement weather few turned up but I did brave the rain and walked round 15 holes and enjoyed the OAP lunch with my old golfing mates after having given them much gratuitous advice during the round! Richard Bamford had his beautiful black lab with him and I […]

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10 May 2009

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I managed Lord’s quite well Alice took me to the station and the travel was okay. I now tend to keep my travel card in a plastic pocket hanging around my neck as I find it almost impossible to get my hand in my pocket to produce it. I did have a bit of a […]

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23 April 2009

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After an overnight stop with my mother followed by a day in London – meetings and lunch – this is a good moment to take stock. The first thing I have to say is that the miracle concerning my artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) continues. In other words, I can urinate naturally without squeezing me control […]

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