27 May 2009

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My golfing mate Peter Southwick came this morning to look over the feeding frame. Like the nurse and occupational therapist who came recently he was kind enough to say it was a very good idea. He came up with a couple of very good suggestions for improving the design which I shall certainly follow. After that the question of how we marketed it after testing it in situ perhaps, in hospital or a care home.

It has been pointed out to me by my good friend Richard Morris, the blog designer, that I wanted to have click links to my Bionic Gloves and the Feeding Frame but I have decided that these will not become active until I have refined both products.

After Peter left I went up to London and had lunch with two of my sons’ contemporaries, both of whom I know extremely well and who were kind enough to shout me an excellent lunch which included some splendid wines, as Simon is in the trade. I disgrace myself coming home by falling asleep and missing my station. My darling wife, as always giving, did not make too much fuss about picking me up.

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