15 February 2010

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Today two representatives from the Health and Design Technology Institute from Coventry University came to see me about some of the various gadgets I have invented to assist in daily living. I gave details of five different ideas, one of which was the Feeding Frame, which I’ve mentioned from time to time in this blog. […]

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12 October 2009

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Gavin from Able2 – such a kind helpful young man – called in today to adjust the articulated arm support which I use when I’m eating. It elevates my hand to my mouth which makes the whole process of eating less stressful. This arm support is, of course, an alternative to my own feeding frame. […]

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3 October 2009

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For those readers who are interested in the progress of my gadgets — an update. You may recall that I attempted to enlist the help of three knights of the realm who, by virtue of the previous posts they held, were very well connected with the City of London. I say were, because they are […]

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16 September 2009

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This evening, my lovely and I went to the Fenwick Elliott Garden Party on the roof of Derry & Toms. in the High Street Kensington. It really is a very beautiful garden which brought to mind  the Hanging Gardens of Babylon which I imagine could have been similar. I was fortunate enough to visit Babylon […]



4 September 2009

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Today a courier arrived with an oximeter for me to use in preparation for my visit to Papworth Hospital next Monday. I believe that they are testing for any possible weakening in my diaphragm which will ultimately affect my breathing. All I have to do is to wear a clip,  overnight, on my forefinger, attached […]

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31 July 2009

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The House of Lords have now given their judgment on the Purdy case where Mrs. P was seeking assurance that her husband would not be prosecuted if he assisted her suicide when the MS, from which she is suffering, becomes intolerable. Not unsurprisingly the Lords did not give such an undertaking, however, they did say […]

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2 July 2009

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Today I had my quarterly MND assessment at Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge. Having explained the deterioration in my hands and arms the doctor was not surprised and said, on the whole ‘I was doing very well’. In other words, I am going downhill pretty much at the rate that they anticipated (although of course, he neither […]

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1 June 2009

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I had a session today with the boys at Addenbrookes discussing the final modifications for the feeding frame. I am really excited to see the finished result although I have already worked out a more simplified, cheaper version 2, once I am satisfied that this one works. The first thing will be to get it […]

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27 May 2009

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My golfing mate Peter Southwick came this morning to look over the feeding frame. Like the nurse and occupational therapist who came recently he was kind enough to say it was a very good idea. He came up with a couple of very good suggestions for improving the design which I shall certainly follow. After […]

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1 May 2009

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A red letter day in more than one sense. Most important of all I picked up the third prototype of my feeding frame. My larger elastic waistband trousers arrived and so did my kilt. I collected the feeding frame late afternoon and therefore I’ve had no time to examine in it detail. The larger elasticated […]

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