1 June 2009

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I had a session today with the boys at Addenbrookes discussing the final modifications for the feeding frame. I am really excited to see the finished result although I have already worked out a more simplified, cheaper version 2, once I am satisfied that this one works. The first thing will be to get it into a hospital to be used by an elderly patient for a week under observation.

On the way back from the hospital I filled up with petrol but for the first time I was unable to lift the lever which releases the petrol cap flap or indeed, when it came to it, squeeze the petrol pump – a confirmation of my weakening hands – however, I was fortunate enough to enlist the assistance of a young Latvian customer who I think was slightly bemused until I explained my problem.

Talking of weak hands I have now had tape loops sown onto to all of my boxers and underpants, one on each side and one in the centre. Where the elastic was too strong for me I can manage perfectly well by hooking my fingers into the loops, thus continuing to maintain my independence in this area.

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