6 August 2009

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I had to go into Saffron Walden this morning to have my eyes tested as the glasses l bought from Glasses Direct were not satisfactory. I drove myself but I really think my driving days may be coming to an end. I am O.K once I’m on the open road with my automatic, as my hands curl round the steering wheel and I can control the car. However, I struggled for over five minutes trying to plug in the safety belt before eliciting the assistance of a passer-by. I then had trouble turning the key in the ignition. All very frustrating.

I rang the District Nurse today and asked if there was someone who could come and cut my fingernails. I was told that although the NHS provide a free toenail cutting service they do not cut fingernails and that I would have to make a private arrangement. OK I can afford to pay somebody but what about other people on a fixed income who cannot afford to pay?

The District Nurse agreed with me that this was not a satisfactory state of affairs but that was a situation and there was nothing they could do about it. I think this is scandalous for poor people and therefore will raise the matter with my MP, Alan Hazlehurst.

In the meantime, having had this conversation, half an hour later the District Nurse rang to say that she had found someone who would pop in tomorrow to cut my nails for me. However, that does not solve the long-term problem for other people, so the MP will still get my letter.

I rang the Professor at Reading University again today about my bionic gloves. He explained that the problem is, to fund a research student for three years could cost up to half a million pounds, which, of course, is totally out of the question. In any event heaven knows where I shall be in three years time. The alternative is to find a Masters student who would make this the subject of their dissertation but unfortunately this process could not begin until next Easter. Again, an unsatisfactory time frame. In the meantime therefore I am seeking some charity who would fund the R&D for these gloves which undoubtedly would have universal appeal and be a great. benefit to mankind. Any suggestions of a charity, or philanthropists, from my readers would be welcome.

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