18 January 2010

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We received a very welcome telephone call from Richard today. He has been released from hospital with a relatively clean bill of health. At least that’s his version of it! (They’re a tough breed these old naval types). We will just have to keep our fingers crossed (and everything else!) Jodie, from AbilityNet, came today […]

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6 August 2009

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I had to go into Saffron Walden this morning to have my eyes tested as the glasses l bought from Glasses Direct were not satisfactory. I drove myself but I really think my driving days may be coming to an end. I am O.K once I’m on the open road with my automatic, as my […]

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8 April 2009

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Received the following e-mail from the Washington professor today: “Mark, Sorry to take forever to get back. I totally understand and wish we can take this opportunity. If I had more resources/time on my hand, I would. I think your idea is wonderful and you should not give up on pursuing it with some British […]



26 March 2009

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I had my quarterly assessment with Dr. Allen and his charming support nurse, Joanna Sassons at Addenbrookes today. I asked the doctor to take an educated guess as to when I’m likely to lose the use of my hands completely. He thought perhaps six months for the left-hand, and shortly after that the right-hand.. I […]

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8 March 2009

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Grave disappointment. I received the following e-mail today from the Washington professor abandoning my bionic glove project. “Hi Mark I heard you spoke with Jenny. Thank you for explaining to us about what we are thinking about. After evaluation with the team, we have come to a conclusion that your case is not possible for […]

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5 February 2009

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I heard a few days ago that the Washington professor has formed a non profit making company, XXWorks, to develop ideas such as my bionic gloves which are to be one of the first projects. A team leader will be in touch. I heard from a young lady today, who appears to be the project […]

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23 January 2009

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Back in November when I was getting really worried about by weakening hands and wondering how on earth I would manage to operate my artificial urinary sphincter, I dreamt up the idea of a bionic glove. The purpose on this glove would be to give me a ‘grasp’ once the strength has gone from my […]

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