11 September 2009

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Lunch at home today with  a fellow MND sufferer and his carer. It was a very useful session in swapping ideas how to cope with our very similar disability — weak hands and arms.

One thing he had which I did not was a ‘kindle’ (e-reader).  Of course, I have the Sony version which I have yet to activate. I understand  that a new kindle is to be launched at the end of the year, an Asus, which, it is claimed, will knock spots off the other version available, so I shall probably wait for that.

In yesterday’s papers it was a reported that the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, sympathises with terminally ill people seeking to end their own lives. In what he described as his personal view, Lord Phillips said “I have enormous sympathy with anyone who finds themselves facing a quite hideous termination of their life as a result of one of these horrible diseases, in deciding they would prefer to end their life more swiftly and avoid that (prolonged) death as well as avoiding the pain and distress that might cause their relatives”.

A poll published in The Times in July revealed overwhelming public support for a change in the law to allow medically assisted suicide.

This follows the debate on assisted suicide which was brought to a head in July after Debbie Pretty, who has multiple sclerosis, won an historic judgment from the House of Lords.. David Winnock, a Labour backbencher is attempting to change the law through a Private Members Bill.

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