Norfolk Joke 1

Posted by DMC on 16 September 2009 in Jokes |

Boy Arthur and George were on the way down to the Cricketers public house, one evening, when they saw a young lady, by the side of the road, with a bicycle with a flat tyre.

Arthur said to George, “You go on down to the pub and line up the beer and I’ll stay and help this young lady mend her puncture”.

Half an hour later George arrived at the pub riding the girl’s bicycle.

“What you doing on that young lady’s bicycle?” said Boy George.

“Well, it were like this ‘er”, said Arthur.

“A’er I mended the tyre, that young lady were so grateful she went behind the haystack, dropped her drawers and said, you can have anything you like. So I took ‘er bicycle”, said Arthur.

“Quite right”, said George. “Her knickers wouldn’t ‘ave fitted you anyway”.

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