3 October 2009

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For those readers who are interested in the progress of my gadgets — an update.

You may recall that I attempted to enlist the help of three knights of the realm who, by virtue of the previous posts they held, were very well connected with the City of London. I say were, because they are now all retired and some of their contacts, no doubt, are only lukewarm if alive at all! My intention had been, that through these three erstwhile City giants, to try to get a personal introduction to a senior director or chairman of an appropriate company who I could try to interested in one or other of my ideas. Having had little or no success with that particular approach, albeit that all three of my friends could not have been kinder or more helpful with their suggestions, I decided on the direct approach myself. After all however ‘important’ the person I contacted was, they couldn’t eat me.

I got onto the Web, found the contact details and telephoned the PA of one of the cleverest inventors in the UK who listened to me and kindly promised to try to get me a brief interview with the great man.

That was a couple of weeks ago. In a follow-up call yesterday she told me that I am still ‘on the list’. So I don’t give up hope. That particular contact was in connection with the feeding frame which is in the most advanced state of all the three ideas — at least it is in its fourth prototype.

The second of my ideas, the bionic gloves, I have decided to try to find someone within the giant GEC organisation. I think that these will be just up their street if I can get to the right person. A big if.

The third idea and perhaps the best of all, I have told very few people about because it is the simplest and easiest to put into production and therefore the most easily copied. This I am pursing through my good friend Peter Southwick and one of his contacts.

So, I have not gone to sleep on any of these ideas. Watch this space!

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