4 January 2010

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We are in the coldest winter spell for over a decade, possibly longer. Having said that the sparkling frosty landscape is set off by absolutely beautiful blue skies, more  reminiscent of Switzerland than grey dreariness are a typical English winter’s day.

In the second test match against South Africa, England had a great start with two wickets for 12 runs but let South Africa off the hook by allowing them to finish last evening on 276 for 6. This morning saw a dramatic half-hour or so with the last four South African wickets falling for 12 runs. England then went in, with its tail up, but this immediately changed when we lost a wicket with the second ball. After that followed the inevitable English collapse, we then regrouped and managed to end the day  only 55 behind with three wickets in hand.

I wrote to the MND Association, following up on earlier letter, concerning the provision of a leaflet to be given to newly diagnosed MND patients. What I said was  that rather than individual patients collecting information piecemeal, as indeed I have done, could not the Association take the lead and design and provide a template, for such a leaflet, to be distributed to (hospital assessment) teams to be completed by the hospital OT.

What I have in mind is that this leaflet will not only include simple cheap practical DIY suggestions but will also list all the organisations that cover  that particular patient’s needs. The name address and contact details, for example, of social services,  the district nurse and so on. It should also include details of what the  patient is entitled to such, as Attendants Allowance or perhaps a Blue Badge. Also, what, for example, AbilityNet  can, or may, provide and how to start this process. What the NHS will provide free and what they might provide that will be means tested. A list of useful websites …….and so on.

I know that all of this information is available from other sources but to bring it together in one bespoke document for each patient would be an enormous help and indeed could make an early substantial improvement in that patient’s quality of life.

Perhaps the Association could run a one day training courses for specialist OT’s who form part of MND Assessment team’s. Not only could they be briefed on the problems that MND patients are likely to face, and suggest some practical solutions, but could also deal with this question of putting together a specialist leaflet that each patient.

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