18 January 2010

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We received a very welcome telephone call from Richard today. He has been released from hospital with a relatively clean bill of health. At least that’s his version of it! (They’re a tough breed these old naval types). We will just have to keep our fingers crossed (and everything else!)

Jodie, from AbilityNet, came today to instruct me in the further use of voice activation on my laptop. I really must try to avoid the temptation of using the one finger that still works and see if I really can carry out the whole process by voice. He also set up my Sony E reader which will be fine as long as I can still press the buttons.

However, I gather that there are a number of new types of E-readers coming onto the market in the next few months which, hopefully, will be able to be operated by voice or foot.

Speaking of gadgets I have certainly not given up on the idea of my own feeding device or bionic gloves. I have been given some new contacts through the Disabled Living Foundation and at least one of these is looking promising.

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  • Alicia Brasfield says:

    Perhaps there is a bionic glove!

    Hi, I recently came upon your blog. I can empathize with some of the daily struggles as I have MS. Bionic gloves would be so useful, I thought of building some myself.
    But first I came across a patent, then found the company, and according to their website they are marketing a glove in sweden. I couldn’t find ordering information online, and it’s perhaps regulated as a medical device there.
    But anyway, if you have contacts in Sweden or want to inquire with the company, I thought it looked promising.
    here is their website: http://www.bioservo.com/
    Best wishes to you,
    Alicia Brasfield
    Seattle, Washington, USA

  • DMC says:

    Thank you so much, Alicia, for the information re the bionic glove.as it happens I go to Sweden, from time to time, and have a very good doctor friend there. I will certainly follow up your lead and if I find out anything will try to contact you and let you know the outcome.

    Best wishes


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