15 February 2010

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Today two representatives from the Health and Design Technology Institute from Coventry University came to see me about some of the various gadgets I have invented to assist in daily living. I gave details of five different ideas, one of which was the Feeding Frame, which I’ve mentioned from time to time in this blog. I cannot disclose the nature of the other four ideas until I have had the opportunity to protect my intellectual property rights but in due course I will be able to tell my readers about these exciting idea. They were very encouraging about all five ideas and have gone away to prepare a proposal to develop the first of these with a view to getting it to point where I can disclose it to an internationally-based organisation who might find it sufficiently exciting to manufacture and distribute it, hopefully worldwide. I’m not holding my breath, but who knows.

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  • Another DT reader becoming aware of your Blog. If you have time to visit our website, you will see that we have gone beyond the gadget stage having a unique patented device which only yesterday was demonstrated to 3 Senior Executives at David Niven House. The trail from conception to that demonstration has taken the inventor (Chris) 10 long years. The tacit response of the Execs is that they are now aware that our product may be beneficial to some people with MND and will help us to spread the word. If you would like us to take you along that trail in detail, please contact either Chris or Trevor.
    On a personal note I had bowel cancer in 1998 and have a permanent colostomy. Undertook major surgery in 2005, 2006 and 2007 but still manage to play golf 2/3 times a week. I was Captain of East Herts Golf Club in 2000. I am a retired Chartered Accountant but acting as a Business Angel to AG Ltd.

  • I am not concerned whether or not the blog is posted. It is intended to be of help to Mark in his ambition to get his gadgets to the market place. You can see a thread about Drinkup on the patientslikeme website.

  • Would you please forward my comments to Mark Cato.
    Thank you.

  • DMC says:

    Thank you very in touch, Trevor.I have a proposal from HDTI for one of my five inventions. Let me just see how I get on with their and then I would happily get in touch with you or your colleaque. Dr Kirstine Knox, or her PA Denise, will give you my telephone number.

    Best wishes


  • Good luck with the HDTI Mark.When you know the outcome, hopefully you can post their response. We have yet to meet Kirstine but we are very happy to be dealing directly with Heidi McCleod the Director of Care. Have a good holiday and we look forward to chatting to you on your return.
    Kind regards, Trevor

  • DMC says:

    Many thanks, Trevor. I have completed HDTI’s proposal and barring a last-minute slip with the membership form they will proceed with the prototype and presentation material for the first of the five.

    I will keep in touch.


  • Rang you twice this afternoon. Heard you say to someone that you must be pushing the wrong button.Must be a new fangled system! Will try again in the morning.
    Regards. Trevor

  • Nice to speak to you this morning about our hands free drinking system. You can get access to our website by simply clicking on my name appearing on my responses to your blogs. Your technology, not mine!

  • DMC says:

    Thanks Trevor. I shall certainly look at your hands-free drinking system as it is almost certainly something I have need of myself before very long.


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