16 February 2010

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Today was a red letter day for the blog when the number of hits exceeded 200,000. It is now running in excess of 1000 hits a day, something in the order of 30 to 40,000 hits a month, so presumably someone, somewhere is gaining some comfort or benefit from it which, as I have explained at the beginning of the blog, is its main objective — to give comfort to the sick and the depressed in the hope that that in reading my story and dipping into the anecdotes, jokes and video clips of others who are worse off than themselves, who have magnificent overcome adversity, they will realise even a have something to be thankful for.

Since I have suffered from this disability I have found, on the whole, people  are mostly  wonderfully understanding and helpful. An example of this occurred today when Tim Reynolds, a partner in a major city law firm, who is, the chairman of the Arbitration Club, came to my office and devoted a whole day into assisting me to prefer some documentation in connection with the marking of the examination I set following my last visit to China in October. What a generous act from an important busy lawyer.

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