4 March 2010

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As I said about, yesterday, a very pleasant young man, Duncan Johnson came to see. Having seen my blog, he decided he would like to include a profile of him a future copy of the Journal. I suppose as much as anything what I have done over that time may be of passing interest to some young surveyors starting out on life. Anyway we had a good chat, and lunch at The Cricketers – Jamie Oliver’s dad’s pub -and Duncan made a few notes but absolutely promised not to mention assisted suicide which has caused such a storm in the recent media exposure from which I and my family have suffered.

The massaging of the fluid in my hands is now a daily occurrence.’ My lovely’ has generously added it to list of the many other duties that she now has to perform for me, having seen both Ali and Mel ( Plumb) the neurological physio, demonstrate the technique. In addition we do a few minutes of arm circling with the arms pointing vertical towards the ceiling to stop the shoulder joint getting too stiff. I really cannot understand why I was not recommended to both of these activities many months ago which I’m sure would have helped to extend the use of both hands and arms. I shall raise it at my next assessment in April.

When looking for an article on the New York Times on the web, I came across what claims to be cure for MND a drug or pills by the name of Troneton. Of course this is a scam, as is set out on the ALS/MND support forum group page. I’m just surprised that the advertisement is allowed to continue to make these extortionate claims and that the server has not banned the entry.

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