9 March 2010

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I made it today to the March meeting of the Mother Club of the The Arbitration Club. Fortunately they meet at Herbert Smith’s offices, at the back of Liverpool Street Station, so the distance from the train to the office is not too great.

One of our vice president, John Rushton, kindly met me on the platform (after firm instructions from ‘ my lovely ‘) and  escorted me from train to office, including climbing three flights of stairs on the way which I wanted to test to see how I might get on in our resort in Thailand where our rooms are on the first floor. I managed okay but I don’t think I would have been happy to do many more steps.

I met a very pleasant lady on the train who also happens to be a teacher/lecturer and she assisted me by removing my hat and scarf and replacing them when we got to Liverpool Street Station, as well as helping me get up from my seat. It’s amazing how kind and helpful people can be.

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