13 March 2010

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I must say the daily hand massage in order to reduce the fluid, and the arms stretching, certainly seems to be doing some good. I have even introduced a new bed exercise of raising each arm in turn towards the ceiling and circling clockwise and anticlockwise ten times and then repeated a further 10 times. This business of keeping the joints moving makes a lot of sense to me and I cannot think why I was not told to do so earlier.

Yesterday a magnificent reclining chair arrived, courtesy the NHS, apart from being really comfortable, I am able to tilt the seat electrically to a point where I am almost standing up. Although I can still rise out of the chair with a bit of an effort, as my legs are undoubtedly weaker, this is obviously going to be immensely helpful in the near future.

Son, Smiler, drove up from London today to have lunch to see me before I go off. It was nice to see him as his visits are not as frequent as they were before he got married.

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