7 April 2010

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London today, for a committee meeting of The Arbitration Club. Basically to discuss the setting up of an educational trust fund to visit China and to determine who will succeed me  to deliver the annual lectures at the Faculty of Law, CUPL Beijing. No final resolution of either was achieved at a meeting but the excursion ended very happy with the most enjoyable lunch with the chairman, Tim Reynolds, at Piccolini’s restaurant on the concourse adjacent to Herbert Smith’s offices.

On the way home, an old mate of mine from the gym, Charles Cox, plonked himself down on the seat opposite and we whiled the way the journey in discussing old times and the difficulties of functioning in this current financial climate. In fact, we very nearly failed to get out at Newport.

By the time the Charles had got me up from the seat he had to make a dash for the door before it closed and the train departed. In future I am going to speak to the driver and warn him that I’m on the train and when he gets to my station he must allow a few seconds longer for me to disembark.


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