25 September 2010

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25 September 2010


Yesterday turned out be what, I suspect, the last reasonably warm day of the summer, or should I say the autumn, which came in a couple of days ago. We went to a ‘drinks and eats’ party put on by David and Madeline Young, who, like our friends the Curtis’ were downsizing, in fact they did a swap in their village. So sensible not to move away from their friends. I wonder, when the time comes, whether we, or Alice alone, will be fortunate enough to effect such a convenient move. After all we will shortly have been in the same house for half a century.

The eats were scrummy. Specifically not described as lunch but were such that one’s wife could well have ssid, ‘tuck in and we will need nl lunch when we get home’.I sat outside in the weakening sunshine and met some very interesting people at the party. As with the Drapers Hall event, we stuck to the wheelchair, which worked very well. Seated sideways against a table I can drink from my two handled cup, through a long straw and smoke my cigar happily with my smoking stick, on this occasion raised up on a couple of telephone directories.

Not surprisingly there were a number of Worlington members present, our host being a fairly regular member of the Tuesday geriatric club, What was particularly interesting was that the father of the wife of one of them was born in the same year as Alice’s father and indeed, it turned out, went to the same little school in Towyn, in North Wales, presumably at the same time. What an extraordinary coincidence.

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