5 September 2010

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5 September 2010

We went out to lunch today to a modest local café.  We sat outside, braced against the autumnal chill, so that I could smoke a small cigar.  When it came to ordering lunch it had a Fawlty Towers ring about it as, from a very limited menu our first two choices ‘were off’. I felt like asking the poor waitress if they could make me a  Caesar salad !! (You have to be a Fawlty Towers aficionado to appreciate that reference) Never mind it was an outing which caused us a great deal of fun and laughter.

I then went back and spent the afternoon watching England play Pakistan in the first of the 20/20 series which England won by 5 wickets with 17 balls to spare. Actually, I was quite impressed with the performance of the Pakistan team considering the black cloud of corruption that is hovering over them.. I couldn’t help reflecting on the attitude of society which gives predominance to a minor cricket match, over the misery of the millions of poor souls suffering from the floods in Pakistan

To cap my day, in checking through my bank statements I noticed that my last three quarterly pension payment from Canada Life (Formerly Equitable Life) were approximately 30% lower than they had been in previous years.  Why do these things always happen on a Sunday when it is impossible to contact anyone for an explanation?

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