7 September 2010

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7 September 2010


Another geriatric golf day. I very nearly didn’t go because of the appalling weather forecast, however, in the event, we had wall-to-wall sunshine all day. I rode with Griggsy who played a single against my good friend John Gray. It was a happy three hours and we sat outside the clubhouse, before lunch, enjoying my favorite cigar, Monte Christo No. 2. After the severe shock I received last week in collapsing at the entrance door of the club, I was much happier today as, our secretary Scott Ballantine, was on parade and his superior strength gave me a great deal of confidence each time he picked me up going and coming from the clubhouse. He has very kindly raised the problems of access with the club Council, who have generously agreed to install a ramp at the Mens entrance. Hopefully, not specifically for me, as I’m sure there will be other members who will need to take benefit from this in the not too distant future..

We had two lifting problems today. One, before I left for the club, in the early morning, to get me off the loo, and the second on arriving home, when Jane ‘the sheep’ and Kit were simply not strong enough to raise me to my feet. On both occasions we called on the young man opposite, Luke, who is building his own house, who willingly came to our rescue. Having said that we cannot possibly continue to rely upon this young man’s goodwill. We believe that a hoist system in the bathroom, currently being considered by OT, will solve that problem, and, indeed, the difficultly we will have to face when I can no longer stand, that of getting me in and out of the shower chair. In the meantime ‘my lovely’ has come up with a clever solution which I do not intend to spell out here..

Barry Pritchard, from the Springboard Housing Association, came round this ofternoon with Neil Butler, the builder who installed our wet room, to check out the minor defects which he happily agreed that he would remedy in the near future.

England won the second on the 20/20 series cricket against Pakistan by a comfortable five wickets, having bowled out the opposition for 89. A fitting end to the international cricket season. Finishing with England on a high with their next challenge being the Ashes in Australia.. However, it does rather concern me that there was as much media coverage about this cricket match as there was over the abect misery being suffered by the millions in Pakistan today, as a result of the floods.

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