16 September 2010

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I spent the early part of the day, after I finish my e-mails, making the final arrangements for the trip to Thailand. The hotel director, Tim Boda, has been an absolute star.

He is arranging to have two or even three mattresses put onto the bed to make it easier for the good Dr. to get me up and down. For the same reason, I will have extra mattresses on the sun bed and they have selected a room which gets the after noon sun. The hotel is providing a foldting wheelchair for my exclusive use during my visit which will save us the trouble of taking our own. One of the hotels staff has kindly contacted the taxi service that we have used for the last several years and confirmed ETA and agreed terms for picking us up and returning us to the airport at the end of the holiday at a very reasonable rate. I think that just about does it and I just count down the days until we go.


  • Joan Kirkby says:

    Have a wonderful time, Mark. It is amazing how you continue to see the glass half full. Keep it up !

  • DMC says:

    It’s always good to hear from you Joan. I had a pretty exhausting day in London briefing my successor for the Chinese lectures but I feel better this morning. I just pray that I last long enough to enjoy the holiday in Thailand.

    Love from muscle to you all

  • Beres Hogan says:

    Hello Mark, I love reading your jokes, please publish some more soon. Christopher & I are in Anantara Dhigu & Veli in the Maldives, he now Anantara’s Roving Artist. When will you be in Hua Hin, we’ll be back there mid December. Hope we can catchup and get to eat some fresh scallops!
    xxxx Beres + Christopher

  • Joan Kirkby says:

    I have checked Dan Gottlieb’s web site and hope I will be able to hear the interview. He sounds like a very compassionate man.

  • DMC says:

    Thank you Joan. I gather I will be on air at 530 UK time which I believe is 1230 Philadelphia time. I have little idea Dan Gottlieb is going to ask me to assume it will be mainly about the sort of thing that I deal with on my blog.



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