17 September 2010

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A rare London day  (I don’t count going. To Lords). In fact, I’ve not been up since I fell off the train on 8 June and broke my leg. The train is now not an option. Of course, it would be possible to get by wheelchair but that will require some organization which we have not yet got round to.

Today I went with Barry, by car..  I went  to Skadden’s offices, in Canary Wharf, on the Isle of Dogs. Skaddens’ are the successors, for my Chinese lectures at CUPL in Beijing, They,  have generously offered to take them on for the next two years. As a readers will recall I had hoped to be able to get ther myself and assist this year but with the campus being under construction and no Western closet, it would be almost impossible for me.

I met with one of the partners this morning, in fact, one of my old pupils, Paul Mitchard.  Paul is Head of Arbitration, located in Hong Kong. He will be giving most of the lectures himself but will be assisted by a female, Mandarin speaking, colleague who will deliver one or two of them. Frankly, in some way I’m relieved at not going myself. I’m sure if I did I would fuss around and interfere too much and I have no doubt that Paul and his colleague will do a great job without me. It’s just that after 10 years it is hard to give up the reins.

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