3 November 2010

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I arrived home today, around six o’clock this evening, having spent three days in Papworth Hospital. The night after the good Dr left I spent sitting up and got practically no sleep at all. The hospital kindly responded to our call the following day and admittedly me as an emergency case. I spent the first couple of days having various tests not only breathing but also on my abdomen to try to ascertain why it was so distended and thus preventing the diaphragmatic muscles from doing their job.

On the last night in hospital I was put on to a ventilating machine (Nippy) which, in effect, takes over from your  diaphragm. The first mask they tried was one that just connected to my nostrils and blasted air up them. I found this very uncomfortable to wear and after half an hour or so my nose was so blocked with mucus it was bubbling. They then offered me a full face mask covering my nose and mouth which, in the event, I slept in and found it to be quite comfortable. Indeed, I probably had the best nights sleep, on and off, that I have had for some considerable time. This being so, and the outcome of the tests merely confirming that I am slowly deteriorating, the Dr was prepared to allow me to come home.


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