4 November 2010

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Last night was the first night at home with the ‘Nippy’ and very successful it was. I was very comfortable with the machine and although I woke several times it was for only brief periods. However, today I began to wonder what would happen if there was a power cut during the night, which happens here all too often. It happens not only in emergencies when a tree brings down the line or there is an accident but sometimes purely for maintenance. With the nose and mouth being completely covered and sealed by the mask, although there is apparently a valve which allows some air in, it is quite possible that being unable to breathe and with my useless hands not being able to remove the mask, and in any case lying flat and not being able to breathe, that could be the end of me. Having realised this I contacted Papworth hospital and they have offered to switch this particular machine for one with a backup battery. (This was about four o’clock this afternoon and by six and man was here with a replacement machine with a backup battery — how is that a service from the NHS. Pretty impressive I think)

On the same theme I have decided that we will resuscitate our generator which we have had for many years and never used. I doubt whether it has run for more than 10 hours in its whole life, however, it will require servicing and properly plumbing in,  as previously the exhaust fumes seeped under the door and caused my daughter and ‘ my lovely’ some distress. I have already been onto a local man and I hope he will call tomorrow and give me a quote.

We are so reliant on electricity here now with the bed, the chair, the hoist’s  and the Up-easy cushions, if the electricity went off my movement around the house would be severely restricted..

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