8 November 2010

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Having resolved the problem of the respirator packing up in the event of a power cut I turned my mind to all of the other electrical equipment on which we rely.

I have already informed the electricity company of  my condition as this was advised by the district nurse. Last time there was a power cut we were off for around 28 hours and one of the last house to be checked over by the electricity maintenance crew.. Once we have completed a form, which is being sent to us, hopefully we will be given priority. Having said that one of the problems is that the power company tends to carry out maintenance in the middle of the night and gives no warning of short power cuts.

Bearing all this in mind I decided that we would resuscitate our own petrol generator, which I bought and installed years ago, but which probably has not had more than 10 hours use. It needs servicing and the little wood store, in which it is housed, needs fireproofing and a more efficient exhaust fitted. I was fortunate in getting the right man to come today to look at it and give a quotation for the generator side of things and recommend a carpenter for the other work. With any luck the whole thing will be up and running early next week,

The weather was absolutely filthy today – wet and cold with a blustery wind. It made me realise that my days of crossing the lawn from the house to the office are numbered. We had always agreed I would move into the house in the winter and I think we have probably reached that point now. I got onto my good friend Duncan who will come  on Saturday and move all the equipment over to my study. I shall miss my beautiful office and hopefully will be able to return in the spring. However, I suspect the next time will be in a wheelchair. Ironically, it seems to be my arms rather than my legs, that are making it more difficult to walk,  as I need to lean on the gutter frame and manipulate it over lumps and bumps. I know my arms are getting weaker because I was unable to complete one of the exercises this morning with my left arm which I’ve been managing to do for the last several months.

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