16 November 2010

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Today  we woke up to a white out. There was a very heavy frost and the garden, lawns and trees were crystalline. I had planned to go to the golf club but fortunately not until mid-morning by which time the weather had transformed the day into one of the most beautiful of autumn. The bluest of blue skies and  an array of beautiful autumnal hues on the trees which had yet to shed their leaves. A perfect day on which to revisit my beloved golf club.

Alice very kindly arranged for Barry to take me mid-morning and I met up with Griggsy just as he was completing the first nine. I rode around in the buggy in perfect comfort enjoying being back and playing each shot, in my mind’s eye, never missing a chip or a putt!. For the first time I took the wheelchair which avoided all the fuss about struggling across the gravel and over the entrance steps. on my gutter frame. As it happened, it was just as well as Scott, the secretary, was away  and I would have been at the mercy of kindly, but less competent, members to effect the transfer from the car.. As it was I merely went from the wheelchair to the buggy and back at the end of the round and stayed in it during lunch until it was time to go home with Kit. At which point Richard Beadles, the club professional, and Tony Wheeler managed the transfer without any difficulty, At home we were fortunate that Luke was working on his house opposite so he came over and hauled me to my feet from the car.

I had abandoned my kilt as it was clearly brass monkey weather and therefore far from desirable.. Instead I plumbed myself into a  leg-bag attached to the special incontinence pants which Sue, the incontinence lady, had previously provided for me. The leg-bag slotted neatly into the special pouch I had had sewn on the inside of my left trouser leg by the  tailor in Thailand. It all worked extremely satisfactorily and meant that I could relax without requiring the intervention, or assistance, of  any of my fellow members if I wished to go to the loo. All in all a very successful outing

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