17 November 2010

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In contrast to yesterday the weather today was wet and blustery, certainly in the South West where they had horrendous floods. Here it was just a miserable day weatherwise but hectic for my part. First thing this morning two men came to remove the generators are servicing but had considerable trouble getting it out, from the wood store. However, they succeeded in the end so hopefully will not be too long before we are up and running with our own standby electricity.,

Then, mid-morning, Doreen my secretary. came to catch up with filing and other paperwork.

Just after lunch, my GP, Dr Lort, came to run over a list of the issues raised by Dr Michael Long (my Australian friend) following his observations during our recent trip to Thailand. Also, to follow up on a couple of issues raised by Papworth Hospital following my recent hospitalisation there This was a helpful visit in as much as tomorrow I go to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for my quarterly MND assessment. Dr Lort was extremely helpful and very thorough, Addressing a number of minor physical issues which have been troublesome.

Mid-afternoon an optician arrived for a domiciliary eye test, long overdue, as my reading eyesight has clearly deteriorated. I always knew I had cataracts growing in both eyes but when they’ve been looked at previously it was decided they were not bad enough to operate on. However, as a result of a thorough eye test today the optician was of the opinion that it would be well worthwhile having the cataract on the left eye dealt with and will be contacting Dr Lort to make the referral

What a day! ./

To balance all his medical nonsense I should say that today’s newspapers are full of the engagement of Prince William, our future king, to Kate Middleton, a commoner he met at St Andrews University nine years ago, thus breaking with tradition whereby royalty always marry  royalty or aristocracy. Let us hope that this marriage is a little more successful than his father’s!


  • Carol Diane says:

    I wish to put into perspective for you the reality of health care in the US vs. your own NHS. Here, we would never, ever, expect a physician–or other health-care professional–to appear on our doorstep. It is simply not done. When I read, frequently, in your posts of this occurrence—it is startling in the extreme. It is incomprehensible here in the States. We must travel to see a physician. They would never come to us—they are the revered ones.

    I am a “systems analyst” at a large corporation in California. And, as I noted in an earlier comment, I have equine jumpers who keep me strapped for money, energy, and time. I am one of the lucky ones: I make a good living and have “good” health insurance. But, I assure you, a home visit from a physician or other health-care provider–is beyond my ken.

    As we in the Selfish States grapple with, and bemoan the concept of health-care “reform” –sometimes known by the rude pejorative, “Obamacare”—I hope and pray we may arrive upon such an egalitarian system as you have in the UK.

    Of course this is a comparatively trivial aside for you, Mark—you, who are dealing so graciously with a terminal illness. I apologize. Still, I must say to you and yours in the UK, that you might find comfort– and security– in the health services you are provided.

    I am sorry it this is out of tune, not suitable, compared to other readers’ responses to your excellent blog.

    Nonetheless…you are in my thoughts every day.
    I am not much concerned with Prince William. *Smile*
    Carol Diane

  • DMC says:

    Please do not apologise Carol I am always delighted to hear from any of my readers. I am only too aware of the paucity of health care in the USA compared with that which we enjoy here. My GP visited me yesterday for a general checkup and I have recently enjoyed domiciliary visits from both the dentist and an optician. If I am required to go to hospital for an appointment then they will send a car or an ambulance at no cost to me.

    So far as the NHS is concerned they have been extremely generous in providing a hospital bed and electric recliner, two different hoists, and ramps etc at no cost to me. The only thing I will have to pay for, as and when it is required ,is for home help which is quite expensive.

    I do hope that I have given the impression on my blog that I’m very grateful for what I receive and am only too aware that if I lived in the USA I would probably be broke by now.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to write and let us pray that you never get anything seriously wrong with you.

    Best wishes


  • My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  • DMC says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. By all means send the blog address to your list of friends in case there are one or two on it that it might help.

    Best wishes


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