27 November 2010

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I thoroughly recommend the regular reader who is not sports minded to skip the next two days. The entries will be all about the battle between England and Australia for the cricket Ashes with a smattering of rugby union and the APT tennis Masters in the O2 Stadium in London. Instead, I recommend those readers to take time to look at some of the very beautiful photographs and videos embedded in the diary. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet cracked how to ensure that they all appear in their own sections as well as in the body of the diary but I will hopefully do so in the near future. Many of these photographs and videos are truly inspirational and make you feel good just by looking at them. So, to the sport.

Yesterday saw the beginning of the much anticipated Ashes cricket series against Australia at the Gabba in Brisbane. England had it’s, now almost to be expected, shaky start with Capt Strauss being out third ball. There was a minor recovery to 197  for 5 before  the new young Australian bowler, Siddle, achieved a rare test hat-trick dismissing three of the English team for no score. Siddle went on to take one further wicket giving him a grand total for his debut of six wickets for 54 and leaving England with a rather poor 260 all out.

Australia survived, was left of the day, without losing a wicket and went on, in the early hours of this morning (UK time) getting to 167 for four which was all very encouraging for England. Then Hussey and Haddin put on 307 (Hussey195 and Haddin 136) Once Haddin was caught in the slips off Swann, Australia lost its last five wickets for 31 runs..

England,, in fact, bowled extremely well, particularly Anderson, who was unrewarded. The star of the show was young Finn, who notched up six wickets. Late afternoon, Australia was all out for 481, a lead of 221. England survived the last half hour or so of the day without loss scoring 19 runs but not before Strauss alarmed us all by being appealed lbw on the first ball which fortunately was turned down on review.. It would be  an escape worthy of Houdini if England managed to achieve a draw which is the best they can hope for. This is all very disappointing as, on their recent performance, England looked as though they had a very good chance of retaining the Ashes by winning, or at least drawing this series. It’s early days yet, and there are four more Test matches in this series to go, but this is not a good start

With a dusting of snow seen through the window it was a good day to closet oneself in the study with the television and watch Wales against New Zealand in the Rugby Union (Wales being beaten  comprehensively). In the tennis  England’s tennis hope Murray (he is actually Scottish) played a fantastic game against the world number one, Rafa Nadal. .

It was probably one of the best matches ever and there was absolutely nothing between the players that but Nadal triumphed in three sets. Tomorrow he will play Federer in the final which again should be a superb match.


  • Brian D Colin says:

    Well Mark,

    Found your site by accident and was amazed at what has been your lot since we knew each other in High Holborn!

    I am very sympathetic to your medical situation and consider myself lucky in that respect…other than smoking induced hardened arteries I am in rude health and even now am up to a day or two of deep wading for salmon during this rather cold weather.

    But back to you….despite the differences in our approach (a long time ago) to some matters I am delighted to see that you are treating your health problems in a very balanced and productive fashion. That you have opened this site and continually find your own methods of dealing with the practicalities of disease and then passing them on to others, perhaps less able to cope, is a \good work\!

    I wish you well and am sure that – having scanned a few of your blogs – that you will continue to cope well.

    Keep at it.

    Best regards and good wishes,


    P.S. I am sending a \link\ to Christopher Butterworth, who, being a fellow member, would I am sure much like a cap the same as yours! Where can I get one for him?

  • DMC says:

    Good to hear from you Brian. Fortunately my selective memory has no recollection of anything untoward between us, so that give your kind comments.

    I bought my hat from the shop at Lord’s.

    Best wishes


  • Isabel says:

    I think you are brilliant!! I also fell on your ‘blog’ having had a friend with MND. I love reading of your everyday life and your ‘holiday’. a Big thank you for keeping me up with the cricket – I was (nb was) married to a v keen (and I have to say good ..I Z etc) cricketer so now don’t watch it, unless it gets (in my mind and knowledge – I know every ball is such!) exciting.
    I don’t watch football except occasionly England playing but the World Cup bid israther exciting in Zurich and what a threesome: David Cameron, David Beckham and Prince William! I much enjoy watching, and playing when time and not FREEZING, tennis and golf.

    My father, who farmed in Norfolk, always had a generater, even when he sold up and moved, he kept it in a shed but it was stolen – put a good lock on your shed!

    Again – you are brilliant and I wish you well with your voice activation lessons – x

  • DMC says:

    Dear Isabel
    Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m glad somebody enjoy the cricket comments as I think I lost about 700 readers over the weekend!

    I hope your friend with MND is also reading the blog and keeping his/her spirits up. If you want to start off suggest they go to 25 August entry and click on Demolition Call.

    Have a great Christmas

    best wishes


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