29 November 2010

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Right, enough of sport.

Yesterday I had my first Skype video call to Fred, my grandson and little Lara, who was in the background. It really is the most wonderful way of communicating, particularly as I can no longer travel to see them as I used every six weeks or so. I hope that we may make this a fairly regular event.

Today I had another training session for voice activation provided by Charlie from AbilityNet. With my hands weakening by the day, particularly when I’m tired, it is going to become absolutely essential for me to master as many commands as I can from the Dragon programme. I have to resist the temptation of using my one weakening finger and at least try to achieve my goal using my voice. Looking at the list of commands I know that this will be possible but it will take some discipline on my part. Fortunately Charlie is coming back next week to give me a further lesson.


  • Carol Diane says:

    Hey there! I admire your fortitude as you tame the “Dragon,” Mark–though it must be a pain in the ARSE at times. I am listening to you, watching you, admiring you from afar. How I would like to meet you, although I am nothing in the scheme of things.

    Keep that lifeline–your generator–going! Yep! Keep it on standby. As I am.

    Carol Diane in California

  • DMC says:

    Thanks Carol. I just been speaking some friends of mine who are coming to spend the new year in California. Lucky things

    Even though we may not be able to meet, its great to hear from you and know you are thinking of me.

    Kindest personal regards


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