27 January 2011

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I forgot to mention yesterday that Juliet, Alice’s first cousin, on her mother’s side, came to tea and check up on me. It was nice to see her again, the last occasion was husband John’s retirement party.

I am determined to break up my daily routine a little more. At present I’m getting into a bit of a rut. After the exhausting business of getting up showering, dressing, breakfasting, teeth cleaning, shaving and looing plus  two  walks, the length of the house (this getting more difficult), I slumped into my study chair and after re-reading the previously prepared blog for the previous day, I then post it before dealing with the day’s e-mails. This usually takes me to around midday when I do to more walks before having an early lunch. I usually watch Judge Judy (what a great judge she is – a female Solomon) during my meal and then after lunch I probably read one of my e-books for a while (I am currently re-reading Tolstoy is Anna Karenina, just having any Cranford) before a mid-afternoon walk and my peppermint tea (meant to be good for excessive wind). At 3.45 ‘my lovely’ will usually join me for Flog It. She has always been fascinated by and collected antiques and loves all those sort of programmes. Then I have a period when I do a little more reading before my evening whiskey is brought in and before we know where it is we have the six o’clock News.

Of course, as soon as the daily temperature reaches double figures I have every intention of resuming my weekly visit to the golf club. I shall travel up, with Barry,  arriving there around 11.00 so that I can be picked up in the buggy, when the players are halfway round, rather than having to get up earlier than usual and be absolutely ready to leave just after eight o’clock, which is what I had to do in the past. Then, after travelling around with my friends for nine holes there will be the usual drinks and then lunch before returning home.

Now the point of this is, as I said at the beginning, that I’m determined to change my daily routine on some days and to that end have persuaded Kit (Orde-Powlett – father of daughter Rosamund, the author of the runaway success book Sister) to come and play chess with me. KIt is very bright and into the surprise me to learn that he was a county standard player, as indeed he is at bridge, so he have to be very gentle and patient with  me, which, knowing  Kit, as I do, I’m sure he will be. Our first game is scheduled for next week.

The new Satellite Pro laptop was delivered this morning so this afternoon I contacted AbilityNet (Ben Harris) who, using one of those remote control systems whereby he can control my laptop, transferred the programmes and data from my old laptop to the new one. I enlisted the assistance of my good neighbour Brian (Barrow) who lives opposite as there were some plugging and unplugging to do which I certainly could not manage myself. I played around with the new laptop after Ben had finished but being Vista as opposed to XP Professional there are differences which are going to take a little getting used to.

Some more add-ons to use and fascinating you:


Darwin awards.htm

Great Date.dox

Dog Lover



This is fun and gives you a sense of power.docx


You are invited to Long Island .docx – sounds fascinating historical photographs of the background to Charles Lindenberg’s historic Atlantic crossing.

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