1 May 2011

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After the dramas of last evening we managed our usual performance of getting me dressed and walking me to my chair in the study for breakfast. The problem came when I tried to get up again and onto the gutter frame to go to the loo. It soon became obvious that we were in danger of another fall. We certainly didn’t want to ring 909 again and ‘my lovely’ had the brainwave of eliciting the assistance of our good faithful driver, Barry, who lives reasonably close by. He came, as willing as ever, even on a bank holiday, and was here within 10 min or so and the necessary manoeuvres were accomplished without further mishap. Clearly this state of affairs cannot go on like this and we must swiftly seeks a longer more permanent solution.

I stayed in my study chair 14 hours, not attempting my usual mid-morning or early evening walks as this would have meant having someone to assist me getting up onto my frame. Barry came again in the evening at 10 o’clock, just to get me up and I managed to walk, or rather shuffle, back into the bedroom.

Incidentally, as a last word on the Royal Wedding, how many of you noticed the wording of the undertaking given by both bride and groom. Instead of the traditional “with all my worldly goods I thee endow ” it was changed to “with all my worldly goods I thee share”. Very modern, perhaps reflecting the right of each partner to a marriage being entitled to 50% of the combined wealth of both partners.





  • paul brook says:

    just trying to be helpfull,why dont you stay in your electric wheelchair all day.Would it be too uncomfortable,or tricky to get of?.I am still awaiting mine but I doubt I will have room here to move about,besides which we have an upstairs bathroom.

  • Prof Mark Cato says:

    Thanks Paul. I would still have to get help getting in and out of the wheelchair and to be frank I enjoy my comfortable NHS Lounge chair when I’m in my study. We have some are coming round from continuing care shortly will work out some sensible modus operandi.

    The wheelchair people are going to fit a shin control unit so that when my hands becomes useless I will be able to manipulate that share by moving my head.

    I will keep you informed in case what I do is of help to you.



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