2 May 2011

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With some trepidation I managed to shuffle up the ramp into the shower on my frame this morning despite not feeling as safe as I have in the past and I believe that this particular process may swiftly becoming to an end and we may have to resort to the special shower wheelchair. We will, hopefully, sort that out on Wednesday morning if Lynne, our OT, can come to go through the whole process.

This morning the ‘boy’s, our wonderful handymen, Bill and Paul, came at nine o’clock and helped get out onto the frame and into the loo. They put down the ramp at the office door and got out the electric wheelchair which I was determined to have a go at. They also measured up to put six inch inside pieces for the front door ramps just in case I try to drive the electric wheelchair that way. I had a brainwave, as I am unlikely to actually see office again, they could try the office ranp outside the French windows leading into the nursery and that would be a great way for me to get in and out of that room, perhaps using the electric wheelchair. They found that the smaller of the two ramps pretty well fitted the bill and they will come up Sunday to do this work. This will mean I’ll be able to access the breakfast room when we have guests and eat with them. Whilst they were here I moved around the garden in the wheelchair, It was absolute bliss to be out in the sunshine and totally independently mobile

I know we’ve had a lot about the Royal wedding but I could not resist this irreverent of the ‘Royals’ letting their hair down. (See if you spot the real Prince Charles and Prince Harry!!) Click the square below and then click on the URL on the e-mail. Enjoy



Barry came again in the evening to help me out of my chair and onto my frame, at bedtime. We will have to continue this process to such times as we get something more permanent in place.




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